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Ben Feinsod
505 Northern Boulevard
Great Neck, NY 11002

Dear Ben:

I have personally conducted several experiments with Thermo-Tek, but the most notable one was the pickup truck aluminum cap test. During a particularly hot day late last summer, I coated a section of the inside of an aluminum truck cap (parked in the hot sun) with Thermo-Tek. Once the paint was dry, the uncoated section was too hot to touch, but the part coated with Thermo-Tek was substantially cooler. It was possible to hold a hand up against the Thermo-Tek coated section without discomfort.

As far as rehabilitation on housing, the product is performing within our range of expectations and Thermo-Tek's claims. Furthermore, we are currently using this product on a regular basis to enhance the energy performance of our housing product.

It is the policy of NHS and NHS is committed to broader environmental goals that in the long run will protect and improve the quality of life for all.

Very truly yours,

Henry Dynia
Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven, Inc.
New Haven, CT