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Dear Mr. Feinsod:

I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how excited we are about Thermo-Tek and its results. We have had the opportunity to test it in various residential applications.

We renovate a great deal of historical homes which have had many issues with energy conservation endeavors. One of our challenges has been attempting to find a way to insulate masonry walls while keeping their natural beauty exposed. This has been impossible until we found your product.

Thanks to Thermo-Tek we have been successful at greatly increasing the energy efficiency of these old homes while retaining their original appearance. Given our results, we have also begun applying this product on basement walls to prevent moisture condensation and interior walls for additional insulations. I must say, that we are pleasantly surprised and excited about the results we are seeing.

I am very glad we "discovered" Thermo-Tek and I look forward to finding new applications for your wonderful product.


Aldona Tarlowsky
J & A Construction LLC
PO Box 1585
Avon, Ct 06001