ASTM   Type of Test  Results Comments
G53   Exposure to UV elevated temperature and humidity  Passed  
E96   Water vapor transmission  Passed  
D522   Resistance to cracking on metal or rubber materials  Passed 1" (25mm) bend 1/4" (6mm) bend
D412   Tensile strength  Passed .04" thickness =
13.248 psi
D1653   Vapor rate of passage  Passed  
E84   Flame spread  Class A Flame 10
E84   Smoke development  Class A Smoke 0
C177   Thermal conductivity testing ASTM 518-04  Passed  
C411   Thermal resistance and conductivity ASTM E62  Passed  
E1461-92   Laser flash technique - conductivity/diffusivity  Passed Blocked 95% of heat conduction
D1654   Salt spray (fog)  Passed 450 hours (9 out of 10)
D3274   Rating degree of fungal growth or soil and dirt
accumulation on paint film
 Passed Excellent Rating
(8 out of 9)
    ICC Approval (International Code Council)    
    Council that formally consolidates approvals for:    
    BOCA (Building Officials Code Administrators)  Passed ID#21-5
       a) Section 723.2: Exposed installation, thermal insulation    
       b) Section 723.3: Concealed installations,
    thermal insulation
       c) Section 803.2: Classification, interior finish    
       d) 1998 International Mechanical Code    
    Section 604.3: Coverings and linings, Insulation    
    ICBO (International Conference of Building Officials)    
    SBCCI (Southern Building Code Congress International)    
       a) Passed ASTM E84 for flame spread    
       b) Passed ASTM C411 for high temperature
   for surface performance
       c) Passed ASTM C177 for thermal conductivity
    (R_Coat Specific)