Thermo-Tek is an advanced water-borne radiant barrier. Thermo-Tek is a paint-like coating that incorporates highly advanced ceramic materials. These materials reflect the flow of heat generated by visible light, UV rays, and I/R long and short rays.

Thermo-Tek insulating coating contains thermally resistive micron-sized
(1 micron=.000039") ceramic micro-spheres and micro-fibers that bind tightly together to form a barrier against radiant, convective and conductive heat transfer.

Because this barrier reflects, refracts, and dissipates heat, it can be used on both the interior and exterior of buildings – keeping
the heat out in summer and keeping the heat in during winter.

Reduces Heat Transfer: Gives an equivalence of an R-19 value as compared to conventional products to achieve these results. Thermo-Tek reflects over 95% of the sun’s radiant energy
Elastomeric Material that is highly flexible

Deadens Sound: Reflects sound waves
Prevents Mold and Mildew Growth
Environmentally Friendly: Meets VOC regulations in all states
Long Life: 20+ years life span under normal conditions
Maximum Performance: Tough durable and washable coating protects against
the elements

Approved for use in and around food preparation areas
Significant Energy Savings: Keeps buildings warmer during winter and cooler during summer. Can be applied on interior, exterior and roof surfaces. Energy savings of up to 35% can be achieved
Economical: Cost savings result from an easily applied thin coating. Initial cost is
significantly lower than conventional methods
Class A Fire Rating: Flame spread 10; Smoke spread 0;Flashpoint 600°F